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In the archery game Ragdoll Archers, stickmen with bows and arrows use ragdoll physics. Fire arrows at various opponents while collecting points to improve your abilities and ammunition. Play two-player PvP versus pals, or join up to face a variety of opponents!

How to play:

Line up your shots carefully, then shoot!

Starting with the basic arrows and baseline stats, you will fight a variety of foes. Some of these foes are more difficult to defeat than others because of their armor, positioning, and other factors. Now and then, you will encounter a big adversary. This is similar to a mini-boss level, and beating them will reward you with a large number of skulls.

Live as long as possible.

Your goal is to survive for as long as possible while collecting as many skulls as possible. The most effective strategy for long-term survival is to consistently strike the apples. Throughout the game, you will encounter flying apples. Shoot your arrow through the apples to restore health, stamina, or both. Here's how the apples function:

  • Red apple = health.
  • A green apple represents stamina.
  • Golden apples symbolize health and stamina.

Customize your ammo.

The more you play, the more arrows you'll be able to unlock. Continue playing and experiment with different arrow types to determine which ones are more powerful and suit your playing style. There is everything from electricity and poison to balloons and axes, and you may expand your arrow slots to store more at once.

Use your skills to improve your abilities.
You win skulls by defeating adversaries, which reward you with a set amount based on the foe's power. Using this case, you can increase your health, stamina, damage, and other stats.


  • Use a variety of arrows to creatively take down your enemy.
  • You will battle against many bosses and tough opponents.
  • Earn skulls to enhance your abilities.
  • Play two-player cooperatively or PvP.


One-player mode

  • To control the archer, click the left mouse button.
  • To leap, use the space bar.

PvP Mode

  • Player 1 utilizes the WASD keys to control the archer, and the left shift key is used to jump.
  • Player 2 controls the archer with the arrow keys and jumps by pressing right-shift.

There are two player modes.

  • Player 1 maneuvers the archer using the WASD keys and executes jumps with the left-shift key.
  • Player 2 controls the archer with the arrow keys and jumps by pressing right-shift.

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