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Real fear can come from the weirdest things. And in terms of shape, it doesn't seem like it would work. As Garten of Banban 4, you will go on a dangerous and violent trip to find an old, abandoned kindergarten that was once home to the most mysterious person who was never there. ant. If you follow its strange paths, can you figure out what happened? But watch out, because there are scary animals out to get you.

Who are you looking to fight?
You've never seen anything like the monsters that live in the empty school. Their ugly, twisted shapes looked like they came from the dreams of children who had gotten lost. These creatures are not from this world, and everything they do shows that they want to do bad things.

Their attacks never stop and are always cruel. They jumped out of the shadows with claws as sharp as razors and eyes as angry as fire. They move in a weird way that makes them look fake and creepy. The growls and growls coming from their bellies echo in the dark, making you feel like you're afraid of everything.

What do you need to do, and how are you going to do it?
And putting these beasts to death is not easy. To avoid their strikes, you'll have to be very smart and sneaky, and even then, you won't be safe. They want to catch their next target and won't give up until they do. Just as scary is the way they look. Their bodies are all messed up and bent in amazing ways. Their arms and legs are long and misshapen, and even though they have different colored fur, you can still see the evil in their eyes. They are the epitome of evil, and just looking at them gives me chills.

But you shouldn't be worried about anything. You have a lot of work to do, though. And you have to pay close attention to everything you hear. The Garden of Banban has a lot of hints. Small details are easy to miss, so look carefully and check every part of the house. the top. So be careful, don't go crazy, and get ready to fight the biggest animals you've ever seen! We hope you can figure out this scary kindergarten game and maybe even get the kids to come back. Ambition Co., Ltd. made and sold the Japanese smartphone game Garten of Banban 4. The name for the whole thing is "The Garten of Banban." In the game, players take care of their virtual fields and grow different kinds of plants, flowers, and trees on them.

Players start with a small garden that they can expand by finishing goals and tasks and buying more land. They can also buy different seeds and seedlings, since each plant has its own needs to grow, to make a beautiful garden with a lot of different plants.

In Garten of Banban 4, players can talk to each other by going to their fields and leaving notes. They can also join events and games to win prizes and get known for how good they are at gardening.

The game is meant to be relaxing and fun for people of all ages. It has great pictures and music. Both iOS and Android phones can download Garten of Banban 4, and a lot of people in Japan and other places play it often.

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