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In the hilarious puzzle game Fork N Sausage, you must guide a lively sausage through a variety of bizarre obstacles to reach your fork without becoming stuck. You will have to flip, twist, and bounce your way through some hilarious and hard physics-based puzzles as you progress through the stages. This amusing and action-packed adventure will provide you with the chance to showcase your skills and assess your true abilities.


The meticulously crafted physics puzzles span hundreds of levels and are quite challenging. These puzzles pit you and your little sausage against the harsh, sharp, and appliance-cluttered world of modern kitchens. To finally grasp the forces at play in the level and locate the path that leads to your favorite fork, you will need to flip out and bounce off the walls on multiple occasions.

As you make your way through the game, you will come upon exhilarating new mechanisms. At regular intervals, you will receive a package that contains a new piece of crazy kitchenware or decoration. This may include items such as pots, pans, toasters, fans, saws, treadmills, jelly, knives, bombs, portals, rubber ducks, and a variety of other items. Each of these items may either assist your sausage in bouncing and flipping its way to the fork, or they may stop it in its tracks, potentially even slicing it into pieces. Regardless of their actions, they will undoubtedly add to the chaotic excitement.

Reaching the extra-tricky boss stages will present you with an extended task that truly engages your brain and coordination. This is because numerous game mechanisms will kick in simultaneously, resulting in the creation of obstacle courses that are extremely challenging but extremely fulfilling.

Collect as many coins as you can throughout the stages to accumulate a stockpile of exciting new accessories. Sunglasses, a top hat, boxing gloves, a chef's helmet, and a multitude of other collected items are among these accessories, ensuring your sausage looks so appetizing it will be a treat to eat.

You should grab keys whenever you have the opportunity to flip plates and obtain additional amazing goodies. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to spin the wheel to win random rewards or additional coins.

As you progress through the game's levels, you will be able to unlock additional areas, and your fork and sausage companion will be able to tour the entire extravagant household.

Ingenious mechanisms, fascinating characters, and unique sound design harmoniously create a lovely cartoon gaming world that is sweet, funny, and calming for players of all ages.

Dates of Release

  • (iOS) February 2021 Month
  • Android release: July 2021
  • It is May 2024 (WebGL).

The platforms

  • Use a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Apple iOS Android


If you want to control the sausage, you can use the arrow keys, the WASD keys, or swipe movements with the left mouse.

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